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Demo key as text file

The following has changed:

  • The demo key is no longer included in the download archive. Choose the link above to view the actual demo key for any version.
  • If you want to test the same version for some more time, you only have to get the new demo key.
  • The download archive is self extracting.

TermsCall (for 16bit and 32bit)
in German in English
V1.2-3 (01/04/2001 529 kByte)* V1.0-1 (10/9/1998 114 kbyte)*

* The version is a selfextracting exe-file, that should be unpacked under 32 bit operating systems only. The 16 bit listener is included and can be installed on a 16 bit system afterwards.

What is a demo version

There is no difference between the demo version and a fully licenced version except for the time limit of the demo key. The demo key will expire at the demo end date. The current demo key is not included in the exe-archive.
The demo version can be made to a fully licenced version without new installation, just by entering an acquired licence key.

Updates and language versions

All language versions can be unlocked with the same licence number-key pair. It is up to you, which language you choose.
In the same way the licence number-key pairs work with all version numbers. Updates are free of charge.